About emily

I am a makeup artist, brand ambassador and model from Melbourne, Australia. I am also an ambassador for Bully Zero Australia Foundation, a cause I feel incredibly passionate about.

I'm all about having integrity, honesty, kindness, self love and making sure I have a massive laugh along the way. I will never compromise myself or my beliefs, to suit others. I'm obsessed with fashion and personal style. I believe having a true sense of style, beats any fashion trend you may encounter.

I love food; all foods, and lots of it! Going to try out the latest Melbourne hot spot is one of my favourite things to do.  I love to cook, so watch out for my latest recipes I like to whip up at home.

And lastly, I am a lover of any beauty product that will enhance your natural beauty (no Botox, no fillers), defy your age and actually work!

Please visit my Instagram pages for more: @missemilysimms and @emilysimmsmakeup

Emily x

For any modelling or influencer/brand ambassador enquiries, please contact me at info@emilysimms.com. Alternatively, please contact Cassandra at Silhouette Management at cassandra@silhouettemanagerment.com.au

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